Posted on by Siarhei Novik

Discover how to find a Top Online Guitar lessons.

I am a former professional musician. Since 2000, I played and learned to play guitar with my students of all ages and levels. When I teach my students, I provide customized lessons based on their needs and goals, taking into account the level of student performance. In this way, students are happy to play guitar and enjoy learning the essential elements of the technique, performance and musical reading of the guitar.

My goal is to give the best online guitar lessons for everyone who wants to learn guitar. 

Word advise for online guitar lessons: do not limit the strings or shoot them into the world of the guitar. If you are copying the melody of a pianist, try to do it even if you are a stranger to the guitar. For me, it's worth the effort. I opened my ears to a completely new world that I thought impossible on the guitar. I am still trying to learn from my own advice.


Play as if there were no musical instruments connected. When I did this for the first time, I could not believe it was just me who played. There is a lot to learn that I feel I barely scratched the surface!

I can talk forever about this.